Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great Review by Will 'the Thrill' Viharo

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheers to the Tiki Bard - and Bird!June 5, 2011
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This anecdotal antidote to spiritual malaise and mental gridlock is the literary equivalent of swinging in a hammock between two gently swaying palms on a serene island beach, softly caressed by trade winds, being served exotic cocktails by a gorgeous, gregarious goddess (or god)while you soak in the soothing rays of a benevolent sun. Clouds may briefly obscure its therapeutic rays, but they always break and reveal seemingly minor but significant insights into the mundane daily magic of existence - and more pointedly, co-existence - so many of us take for granted while immersed in the distracting travails of the workaday world. Everett Peacock knows the paradise he calls home well, and he shares the sights, smells, and sounds of his stunning surroundings graciously yet delicately, relaying simple yet resonant moments with poetic prose. I felt sad to bid aloha to Tiwaka - the place and the parrot - but like any favorite vacation spot, you take solace in the fact that you can visit it again and again whenever you need a respite from "the real world," which this book reflects like the surface of a shimmering pool.

WILL "THE THRILL" VIHARO is a "Gonzo Pulp" author and B movie impresario. For 13 years he was host, programmer and producer of the live "cult movie cabaret" (B movies, live bands and burlesque) "Thrillville" at the Parkway and Cerrito Speakeasy Theaters in Oakland and El Cerrito, CA, respectively. After their closure in 2008 he took his grindhouse act on the road, but grew weary of the gig after another year and returned to his first and true love: Fiction. His novels include A MERMAID DROWNS IN THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE, CHUMPY WALNUT, DOWN A DARK ALLEY, LAVENDER BLONDE, and the out of print LOVE STORIES ARE TOO VIOLENT FOR ME (used copies for sale via Amazon). The latter has been optioned for a film by Christian Slater. The sequels to "Love Stories" are published as "double features," FATE IS MY PIMP with ROMANCE TAKES A RAIN CHECK, and I LOST MY HEART IN HOLLYWOOD with DIARY OF A DICK. Will is also a freelance writer with regular film columns in Bachelor Pad Magazine, the Noir City Sentinel, Varla and (as Oakland Indie Film Examiner.) lives on an exotic island off the coast of California with his beautiful wife Monica "Tiki Goddess" and two cool cats, Tiki and Googie. Swing by his cyberpad for literary cocktails anytime at Cheers.

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