Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Pamela Richter gave 5 of 5 stars to:
The Parrot Talks in Chocolate by Everett Peacock
The Parrot Talks in Chocolate: The Life and Times of a Hawaiian TIKI Bar 
by Everett Peacock (Goodreads Author) 
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recommended for: Everyone 

read in April, 2011
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"The Parrot Talks in Chocolate is like the fairytales I loved as a child, but this
novel is for the grownups. Told in the first person, I suspect the author put
much of his own history into the book and had the wisdom to know that he
lived in a magical place. The images flow like descriptions in beautiful poetry
and I was nostalgic for the years I lived in Hawaii. I laughed at the humorous 
antics of Tiwaka and cried over Ococ. This is a beautiful novel. A Tiki culture is represented that I wished to live in. It was a magical experience in reading where unexpected events occur and the wonderful power and wisdom of animanls and
of nature is explored. I'm looking forward to reading more novels by
Everett Peacock.

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