Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maui Guidebook - Tiki Bar Beach

Tiki Bar Beach.

It sounds enticing yes?  It sounds too good to be true?

Well, it is perfectly real and easy, on Maui!
Check out the well written write up on Maui Guidebook about the famously convenient beaches of Kihei.

The various bars, including our Tiki Bar favorites are literally steps away, across the street.  No fees, no resort scene, no hassles!  Just saunter/sashay/march right on over after your Mai Tai and soak it all in.

You don't even have to be sober, but it helps if you don't want to drown.  However, even the surf is mellow compared to the north side beaches (see Maui Guidebook again). 

Remember:  Always skinny dip with a buddy!

South Shore Tiki Lounge - Maui

In a world where Tiki is difficult to find, there lurks, between the plumeria trees and the bamboo facades, deep inside Kihei, the South Shore Tiki Lounge.

An outdoor lanai compliments and cozy indoor bar area. The Mai Tais are good and the Hinano beer is very cold. I'll meet you there anytime!

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