Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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The Queen reports troubled waters ahead!

Her loyal scouts tell tales of rebels seeking to abscond with the colonies!

At the start of July Her Majesty’s crown colony, the Dominion of Canada, is rumored to be parading its sovereignty. Just days later the American States are said to be rallying for similar treachery!

Thus Her Royal Highness has taken the daring step of enlisting maritime mercenaries. That’s right, a league of pirates to besiege the colonies.

In the name of Her Majesty and the Mighty Empire upon which the sun never sets (and thus the bar never closes) you are hereby conscripted to quell the colonial uprising through drink, revelry, dance and roast meat.

The Tiki Bar TV Pirate Party
July4th, 2009 in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California
5pm ’till late

  • Be in an episode!
  • Dance a Jig with Lala and the Pirate Hula Dancers!
  • Feast on the BBQ!
  • Drink Johnny Johnny’s One-Eyed Grog!
  • Walk the Plank to win prizes from Tiki Tosca’s Treasure Chest!
  • Get diagnosed by Doctor Tiki!
  • Storm the beach for sunset fireworks!

Be among the rabble rousers and wenches of ill repute as you board the SS Tiki Bar for the filming of a climactic scene for a Tiki Bar TV episode!

We guarantee it will be an event you will never, ever forget!

Tickets $100 Buy Now

Club Members price $75 Buy Now

Space is limited and ticket sales will end without notice.

Hotels nearby: Cadillac Hotel, Venice Beach Hotel, Inn at Venice Beach