Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shaping Youth book review

check out this AWEsome blog where Amy Jussel leads the way in great ideas and posts on how to help youth stay focused.  It is a very active blog with more resources than any other of its type!

Speaking of which, today I received my stack of tropical treasures ($9 code here through year’s end!) that I bought from my ol’ kamaaina high school pal  Everett Peacock.
Everett was our HS newspaper editor (journalism/writing clearly sticks from teen days!) and he’s now an author, webhead and entrepreneur living green and “off-the-grid” enjoying the island’s bounty via solar electricity and purified rain water. (that’s his new book at left)
Tiwaka the parrot and his tikibar tales come alive in The Parrot Talks in Chocolate which paints a rich love of nature instilling a natural respect for the planet in children that remains long after the story ends…(kids would love ‘talking’ to Tiwaka on Twitter, too…and the bird even has a Facebook page)
—Pretty impressive considering this mythical creature has almost 300 fans already and I haven’t even gotten around to posting a page for Shaping Youth yet. Sheesh, I’ve been bested by a bird.
Anyway, it’s no big secret I’m a huge champion of eco-literacy and the natural world of outdoor play. Everett’s love of same comes through in his whimsical prose…

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