Sunday, December 27, 2009

a Parrot Christmas!

Super secret top-rated Soul Surfer Maura C. is all smiles after receiving The Parrot Talks in Chocolate for Christmas!

She may be on the mainland, but she'll be dropping in on 20 foot glass tonight as she dreams of Maui.

Oahu surfers from the 70's may recall her fearless paddles up the faces of North Shore monsters where she would turn and free fall half way back down, hooting and hollering some kind of Radford Swim Team battle cry.

Barber's Point White Plains beach would see her holding court, teaching the gremlins how to do head stands.  Waikiki often enjoyed her long board antics with her dear departed surfing dog.

Rumor has it she may slip back into Hawaii this winter to test some new bioengineered surfboard developed in the woods of Washington.

One thing we know for sure:  she'll be craving a Coco Loco Moco real soon....

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