Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The fabulous Maui Blog of Cuckoo for Coconuts keeps a keen eye on all things fine, fashionable and tropical.

They also designed our book cover!  We are reposting their spot on the book here, BIG MAHALOS guys!

"Since we are interested in all things tiki here at CFC, when our neighbor/author asked me to design a cover for his new book, even though I was swamped, I couldn't refuse! Drawing from various examples of retro Hawaiiana, I created a cover image that captures the overall feeling of the story. It's the life and times of Tiwaka's, a Hawaiian tiki bar with a resident talking parrot that will dish it out for a chocolate treat. It is, in the author's word's "a light beach read" and in my opinion conjures a fanciful world somewhere between "Casablanca" and "Gilligan's Island" You can order it from Amazon and it will soon be found in stores around the islands.

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